Danny G (How to Get the Blue Check Mark)

Danny G is a musician based out of Nashville, Tennessee. For Danny, he originally spent the majority of his life playing sports, but he also was routinely exercising his creative energies by dabbling in music.  “I always had a creative side that I wanted to tap into,” says the rapper, who lists Jack Harlow and... Continue Reading →

Sammy Adams

We’re all just normal people, until suddenly we’re not.  Sammy Adams knows firsthand what this feels like.  After the wildly successful release of his EP, Boston’s Boy, which reached the top spot on Apple Music in 2010, Adams was thrust from relative anonymity into superstardom.  This took him on a path that included touring North America... Continue Reading →

Just Jimi

We all begin and end. It’s what happens in between that we remember most.  *** A rocky relationship finds everyone sooner or later. It’s a rite of passage, as common as getting your driver’s license or moving into your first apartment. But unlike getting to drive or finally having a place to call your own,... Continue Reading →

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