My First Date(s) in Colombia

I just bashed Tinder in the last post, but because I’m a flawed human, I still use it to get dates. Also, I’d be kidding myself if I thought I’d come here and not once try to put my intermediate-level Spanish to good use in a high-stakes environment. Which brings us to my first date... Continue Reading →

Is Tinder Worth It?

Tinder. What a place. Great for the thirsty young man or woman who doesn’t feel like going to a bar or after-work mixer to find human companionship. I first came about the app in 2013 when my buddy brought it up at dinner. “Have you heard of Tinder?” he asked as I paraded around the... Continue Reading →

Europe Explained (Final Part)

Reykjavik, Iceland Interested in buying or selling a home? RE/MAX agent James Eason can help with all your real estate needs. Get in touch with him today by clicking on this link! *** Buy Quentin Super's novel, The Long Road North, here Curious about what exactly a ghostwriter does? Click here to find out more information, then watch this video for more information It's been... Continue Reading →

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