Enzan Azari (Scale with Azari)

Enzan Azari is the owner of Scale with Azari, a copywriting service that helps businesses and professionals in personal development scale their companies.

Hailing from Lake Panasoffkee, Florida, Azari grew up an hour west of Orlando, in a city that is known for its tourism, but not much else.

“There is nothing there,” Azari says of Lake Panasoffkee.

“There is one set of streetlights in the entire town.”

With a population of just over 4,000 people, Lake Panasoffkee attracts retirees from northern states, but the city’s most talented citizens typically seek opportunities elsewhere.

“For context, most people who live there are retired, but a lot of the younger people are on drugs,” Azari mentions.

“In that sense, it’s a good place to hide out, but not good if you’re trying to pursue financial freedom or achieve upward mobility.”

Growing up in Lake Panasoffkee, Azari exhibited behavior that worried his teachers and parents, but unlike his peers, it was clear from a young age that Azari also possessed an innate intelligence that ultimately confounded his superiors.

“I was a skater kid who always tried to show off and got in trouble, but I was also an honor roll student,” Azari explains.

“People didn’t know how to deal with me because I was smart and driven, but like any other teenager, I wanted to fit in, so I made some poor choices.”

Some of his misgivings could be traced to Azari’s homelife.

While he was loved and nurtured by his parents, he also felt alienated due to the fact that his parents’ ideologies often clashed with those of modern America.

“I grew up in a Muslim household. Culturally, I was American, but my parents weren’t, and that caused a lot of tension,” Azari says.

“Adding to that, the Americans at school didn’t see me as one of them, so that likely also factored into why I acted out in the ways that I did.”  

Fortunately, Azari eventually overcame his problematic behavior, and after high school he enrolled at the University of Central Florida in Orlando.

As a freshman, Azari studied electrical engineering.

“I enjoyed a lot of the math-heavy course work,” he says, but the further Azari got into the program, the more he realized that a career in engineering wasn’t for him.

From there, Azari began studying solely mathematics, with a focus on the educational aspect of the discipline.

Azari reveals that while shifting his studies to center primarily around mathematics brought him more fulfillment, it ultimately limited his job opportunities post-university.   

“You are way more employable if you combine math and something like computer science, otherwise you’re relegated to working in education,” the Sumter County product shares.

After receiving his diploma and throwing his cap into the air in December 2019, many assumed Azari would immediately begin his professional career, but he instead pivoted and returned to UCF’s campus to work toward a degree in clinical psychology.

“I enjoy having conversations that are more than just surface level, and I’m naturally a problem solver,” Azari says.

“I figured that being a clinical psychologist and helping clients deal with difficult situations would be a very rewarding profession.”

But as Azari had grown accustomed to finding out, what he assumed would happen often clashed with what life had in store for him.

That’s because soon Azari learned about copywriting, and how he could leverage his writing skills into creating a solid income stream.

“I kept hearing about people who work their own hours and were their own boss,” Azari says.

“I always assumed that I would be an employee and not have my own business, but once I started to pick up momentum with copywriting, I couldn’t walk away.”

Today, Azari credits Matthew Morgan for his professional transformation because not only did Morgan’s course teach him a profitable new skill, but Morgan also admired Azari’s work ethic and devotion to the craft, which has since led to the two collaborating on several projects.  

“Matt has worked for TikTok, Warner Bros., and other billion-dollar brands,” Azari notes.

“He knows what he’s doing when it comes to writing effective copy for businesses. When he reached out to me as he was scaling his company, I was thrilled, but that only happened because I put in the work to become better, and I did what I could to make his life easier.”

As for Azari’s copywriting business, Scale with Azari, the company has grown thanks to Azari’s excellent writing skills and vast knowledge of SEO (Search Engine Optimization), but the Lake Panasoffkee native also has benefitted from specializing in writing strictly about personal development, as opposed to expanding his portfolio to encompass a litany of industries.

Unlike some copywriting agencies, Azari didn’t enter the personal development space just to make money.

As someone who has constantly strived to better himself, Azari instead simply sought to make an impact in an arena that he was already familiar with.

“I consumed so much personal development content, so I capitalized on that wealth of knowledge I had accumulated to write and sell to people that were like me and had the same interests,” he says.  

Azari’s background in personal development helps him write effective emails, text for websites, and social media posts, but what separates him from his competitors is his ability to blend technical knowledge with a human element aimed at ensuring his clients receive uniquely curated content, and not a lifeless amalgamation of words spit out by a robot.

“I have an understanding of systems as well as people because I’ve had thousands of conversations with wildly different people,” Azari explains.

“And my approach is simple: I strive to provide value to other people. I’m not motivated by money. I’m motivated by fulfillment. I’ve never described being happy as my end goal. It’s just about doing fulfilling work.”

In the coming years, Azari would like to expand his copywriting business into a full-fledged agency that can provide copywriting services, SEO optimization, website development, and anything else that a business might need in order to scale.

At the same time, Azari is also mindful of how much time he has invested to get to this level, and that’s why he cautions any aspiring copywriters to be mindful of how difficult finding success in the online world can be.

“The toughest part of any entrepreneurial journey is the mental aspect. Before you make any money, you sit there and doubt if it is even possible, and you question if you should go back to your day job. For a lot of people, those feelings are uncomfortable, but to succeed you need to have some degree of emotional resilience,” Azari says.

“I’ll say this: the hardest part of copywriting has almost nothing to do with the actual copywriting. All that can be learned, but people should be aware of how much they are going to have to endure emotionally in order to be successful in this business.” QS


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